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This site's immediate ancestor is the Yahoo Evolution versus Creationism Club, founded on October 21, 1998, in a hotel room in Cupertino, CA. It played host to many interesting discussions and intense debates and gradually grew in membership, but the Yahoo Clubs! venue suffers from a number of limitations. The biggest is the single thread format, but there are a number of others related to the limited ability to customize. For the club to grow there needed to be more than a single discussion thread as well as the ability to expand the available capabilities and features.

This site goes well beyond Yahoo Clubs! in providing not only multiple forums, each with multiple thread capability, but also the full power and flexibility of a traditional website with information organized across many webpages. The discussion forums are driven by dBoard software from Qwixotic.

This site attempts to play a neutral role in the debate, but in the interest of full disclosure the webmaster (Percipient) is pro-evolution.

The site logo was designed by TrueCreation.


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